Day one

So, i finally put up a site to host my loudspeaker designs and to discuss acoustic theory as well as give do it yourself types a place to find information quickly and easily. Welcome all and I hope you will check in regularly!



8 Responses to “Day one”

  1. Welcome to the world of wordpress Tom. No doubt this is some devious plot to make your tempting designs even more accessible to me 🙂

    One thing I have to know, what does S.P.Q.R. stand for? I’ve been dying to know.

    Good luck on your site. May you be overwhelmed with hits.


  2. Actually the SPQR is reference to the Latin “Senatus Populusque Romanus (“The Senate and the Roman People”). I kind of see it as a great DIY and maybe one day commercial name. What better way to look at my DIY designs as an “of the people for the people” kind of endeavor. I hope that is detailed enough. I was out late tonight and I am kind of beat, so, that is the best answer I have right now. 🙂


  3. Speaker Widow Says:

    Also, it sounds like “speaker” when you say it out loud. Or is that too obvious?

  4. tompetz Says:

    That is entirely the intention. Punny eh? Hehe


  5. Tom, excellent site, very much enjoy your designs. I have not yet invested myself in building one, but I am seriously considering. In browsing diyaudio, I have run into one of your older design for Audio Nirvana super 8. I liked that design and you had very favorable comments though it was scheduled for commercial design consideration. What happened to it? DId it get build? I don’t see plans for it. Again thanks Tom, woderfull site.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I havn’t yet posted the plans for it. It is a true non compromised horn so it will do best in corners. However, they do sound pretty fantastic even without corners. The model III may be a better fit overall. It doesn’t need corners, will go very low and takes up much less floorspace than the model one. I hope this helps.


  7. Tom,
    I really love the EZ10 simple design for I’m not good in woodworking. Could it be possible to convert the EZ10 box design for the AN12 ?? Please advise.

  8. Aaaaand another grave-digging comment:

    Long time no hear! I am looking at building a pair of these…but just been reading about the 15″ drivers. What would be involved in modifying this design to suit the AN 15″-ers?

    Great work. I am sharpening my saws right ….now. 😉

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