Welcome all! I suppose I will put a bit of bio and then an explanation for the page.

I am a creator. (small c) Pure and simple. I sculpt, paint, photograph, design, build, show, and teach. I am an art instructor at George Mason University’s Department of Art and Visual Technology. My hobbies merge in to my life’s work so I wouldn’t really separate them. Engineering, mechanical, acoustic and electrical is one of my hobbies, but as I said, it merges with my artwork and my teaching. Other things I do include mountain biking and computer tinkering.

I am the proud holder of a more than usual amount of expensive degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University. I studied Art History for my first degree, with minors in painting, sculpture and photography. The second degree is in Studio Art with all the same minors. My Master’s degree is in Photography and Film with concentrations in Documentary and Digital Imaging. I managed to bang all of them out in less than 10 years. Not too shabby but after 5 years of teaching, the 100k price tag hasn’t started to pay off yet.

I plan to begin my PHD in the fall. My major will be interdisciplinary and will consist of Critical Theory and Art of some sort. Fun, fun, fun… That’s about it guys.


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