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Here she is.  What looks to be a fantastic enclosure for the Fostex FE168E Sigma. Darn am I excited about this one.


A rendering of each of my plans to give an idea of what they look like.

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Next Design FE168E Sigma

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Alright, I have been dying to do an enclosure for the Fostex 168 Sigma. This is a driver that I have wanted for a while and I was going to buy before my amp fried. I had to buy an amp so no 168 yet. I still want it to be the next driver I buy. So, my new enclosure is going to be based on the 168 Sigma. I am hoping that since the size between the sigma and the new 138 out of Japan are similar enough that an enclosure for one will function for the other. We will see. What I do need is some solid Thiel Small parameters for the 138. I have searched and searched. Darn it, why can’t someone who has a set measure them?!


Plans are out!

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Well, the S.P.Q.R. EZ10 is done. Full plans are up on box.net. Look to the right on this page and you will see a widget that will let you grab the files. Enjoy!


The S.P.Q.R. EZ10

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Well here is the latest design. An enclosure for the Acoustic Nirvana Cast 10. Looks like it should be a fantastic loudspeaker!




Day one

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So, i finally put up a site to host my loudspeaker designs and to discuss acoustic theory as well as give do it yourself types a place to find information quickly and easily. Welcome all and I hope you will check in regularly!